Dead Like Me

15. Dead Like Me

Showtime; 2 seasons; 29 episodes; 6/27/2003-10/31/2004

You TV fans sure like your offbeat death comedies don't you? Dead Like Me was only five weeks old when its creator jumped ship, which didn't bode well in the long run. Considering this, 24 further episodes and a movie isn't so bad at all.

The Sarah Silverman Program

14. The Sarah Silverman Program

Comedy Central; 3 seasons; 32 episodes; 2/1/2007-4/15/2010

Only lasting three seasons, The Sarah Silverman Program was able to insensitively cover topics such as racism, abortion, and gay marriage. This show followed the adorably rude Sarah Silverman whose callow selfishness charmed fans while offending critics. Despite great initial ratings, TSSP was cancelled in 2010 and so earned a spot on this list.

Human Giant

13. Human Giant

MTV; 2 seasons; 14 episodes; 4/5/2007-4/16/2008

The world just didn't know what they had on their hands in 2007 when Human Giant brought their sketch show to MTV. Despite the network's infallible reputation when it comes to keeping high-quality comedy on the air, Human Giant's inexplicably brief run was probably worth it, considering just how far they, and we, have all come since then.

Eastbound & Down

12. Eastbound & Down

HBO; 3 seasons; 21 episodes; 2/15/2009-4/15/2012

We've seen Kenny Powers at his best and at his worst (often simultaneously,) but the thought of never seeing him again is almost too much to bear. Still, three seasons and a (hopefully) inevitable audiobook spinoff should tide us all over until everyone starts talking about a movie, right? It's the canceled show way!

Lie to Me

11. Lie to Me

Fox; 3 seasons; 48 episodes; 1/21/2009-1/31/2011

"We're keeping this show on the air, Tim Roth" – network executive who got a real kick out breaking the news.