15. Pringles, "Once You Pop, You Can't Stop"

Marketing your product as infinitely addictive is a bold move, especially when that product is famously unhealthy and is so sharp it makes your mouth start bleeding after, like, 3 of them.

Wheres Waldo

14. Wheres Waldo

Where's Waldo fulfilled the dreams of children everywhere who liked picture books but were maybe a little old for picture books. In what can only be described as the genre of "Advanced Looking", Where's Waldo excelled. Versions are still being made today, in case you find yourself in a bookstore sometime soon and want to find out if you've gotten any less stupid since you were a kid (You haven't. It's still impossible.)

Friut Snacks

13. Fruit Snacks

When fruit stopped being good enough, it could only be supplemented by something more pungently tasting, radically colored, and destructive to your teeth. That is where fruit snacks came in. Unlike fruit, fruit snacks aren't natural, vitamin rich, or decomposable. But you chew them and they are shaped kinda like fruits so they're pretty much the same thing.


12. Seinfeld

Before Jerry Seinfeld tragically wrote and starred in the atrocity known as "Bee Movie," there existed a king of television sitcoms: Seinfeld. The aptly and self-named "show about nothing" managed to find humor out of everything from soup to competitions between the four protagonists as to who could hold off from masturbating for the longest period of time. Seinfeld rose to quick fame through its combination of poignant commentary on what most people would describe as normal, everyday life and some of the chillest slap bass riffs television has ever seen, eventually immortalizing itself as a 1990's classic.


11. Goosebumps

Remember Goosebumps? Man, those books were scary. Not scary anymore, though. Nope. We're grown-ups now, and it would be stupid and embarrassing for us to admit we're still terrified of the memory of some of those stories. Really very embarrassing. So good thing we're not. Leave us alone!