Getting Slimed

10. Getting Slimed

Nickelodeon's go-to reaction for almost every human activity was to cover somebody in slime. This possibly radioactive, semi-viscous substance coated game show contestants, indiscriminate of whether they answered correctly or not. Despite the inconsistency, it was every kid's dream to be saturated in slime, permanently staining their clothes and reputation.

Crash Bandicoot

9. Crash Bandicoot

Everyone's favorite ultra-cool, fast-paced, red sneaker-wearing, destructive, anthropomorphic, mammal video game character from the 90's made it into the top 10! No, not Sonic the Hedgehog.

Lazer Tag

8. Lazer Tag

You're crouched down behind a small, neon-green bunker, praying to whatever god you know for support. You're behind enemy lines, and it doesn't matter if the staff attendant said he would forcibly remove you from the premises if you "used the equipment to melee attack again." War is hell, and lazer tag is no exception.

Home Alone

7. Home Alone

This wonderful, vibrant film taught children the value of extreme sadism in dealing with home intrusion. Families learned together how to both physically and emotionally debase anyone they might see as threats. This series was also notable for its hilarious depiction of parental neglect.

Kids Game Shows

6. Kids Game Shows

In the 90s, every kid fantasized about one day running the GUTS obstacle course or sloppily searching for flags in some oversized fake food on Double Dare. Unfortunately, most never saw the beauteous light of Nickelodeon's Orlando studios and could only satisfy the dream with lame homemade imitations like "Legend of the Hidden Basement."