French Vanilla

15. French Vanilla

What, regular vanilla isn't good enough for you? Hmm? Well- oh, Jesus. Yeah, that's much nicer.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip

14. Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Sometimes you need something a little more than just vanilla. But not like, something SUPER overpowering and chocolatey either, you know? Oh well, it's time for us to stop living in a dream world and not look at the heading to this paragraph and just accept that will never happen.

Brownie Batter

13. Brownie Batter

The time you save by just eating brownie batter ice cream instead of actually cooking the brownies can be spent on so many different things. Like eating more ice cream!

Cake Batter

12. Cake Batter

Nostalgia is very much a tapped market when it comes to ice cream flavors, but, since there's no "booger" flavored ice cream, it's also nice that they knew where to stop.

Milk & Cookies

11. Milk & Cookies

- Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip cookies

The decadence of any one ice cream can be roughly guessed by how many times the same word appears in its ingredients. Chocolate (4) Chip (2) and Cookie (2) make a convincing case for Milk & Cookies to be the most emphatically hedonistic ice cream flavor of all time.