Mint Chocolate Chip

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

Sometimes you want to eat and ice cream but FEEL like you might be eating a sorbet, and for those times, we thank you, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Half Baked

4. Half Baked

- Half-baked fudge brownies, half-baked chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream

Half Baked works as a description of this ice cream itself, because the brownies and cookies in it are half baked. It's also a knowing, ironic moniker, because this is anything but a half baked idea. It's also an accurate assessment of what most people eating it are.

Late Night Snack

3. Late Night Snack

- Vanilla ice cream, fudge-covered potato chip clusters, salty caramel swirl

Not content with bringing us cool TV comedy every day, Jimmy Fallon recently tried his hand at creating an ice cream flavor. The ingredients listed above are only the tip of the iceberg: rumour has it Jimmy personally made the ice cream, and that if you put your ear to the container as you open it, you can hear the sound of a helpless giggle that escaped him while it was sealed.

Cookie Dough

2. Cookie Dough

You people and your affinity with combining ice cream with undercooked baked goods. We'll just never understand you! Never!

Cookies n Cream

1. Cookies n Cream

- Vanilla ice cream, cookie pieces

And so it's come to this. After a harshly contested and unbelieveably high-stakes competition, we have declared our winner, and the best ice cream flavor of all time. Maybe it's the smooth texture of the cream wedded with the hearty crunch of the tiny cookie pieces that makes this such an obvious choice. Maybe it's the unpretentious name, which seems to say "Hey, I don't even need to use whole words. I'm THAT good." Or maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be all along. We can never know for sure, but one thing we can be entirely confident in is how much Cookies 'n Cream ice cream we're about to eat.