Enders Game

20. Enders Game

Not for beginners.

Thunderdome Mad Max

19. Thunderdome

"If in doubt, shove a steel cage over 'em" is a sentiment reflected in the practice of a disappointingly low number of modern sports. Thunderdome is not one of them. 


18. Blernsball

It's hard to watch Blernsball and not imagine how much better baseball could be with just the simple additions of stuff like multiball and explosions. Sounds like America's pastime is being a bunch of wet blanket babies.


17. Flonkerton

Before The Office introduced us to a set of increasingly weird bosses and a set of decreasingly impressive storylines/jokes/everything, it introduced us to Flonkerton. The game is played by attaching full boxes of paper to your feet and racing an opponent. It is a frustrating and almost pointless exercise, much like season 8. 

Jiggly Ball

16. Jiggly Ball

You don't have to understand the rules to enjoy Zach Braff being pelted hard with tennis balls. Hell, you don't even have to know what the game is. Or have known who Zach Braff is for more than 5 seconds.