Death Race

15. Death Race

The people who invented Death Race obviously didn't spend much time mincing words or drafting up titles to things, which is reflected in their other sport, "Balls Through Stuff." The object of Death race, depending on which movie you watched, is either to kill as many people as possible, or to make a terrible rehash. 


14. Bask-Ice-Ball

We the viewers are never privy to the ins-and-outs of the sport of Bask-Ice-Ball, which is never alluded to as anything except outrageously dangerous and therefore presumably extremely fun. We want in!

Fireball Friends

13. Fireball (Friends)

The only sport on the list which spawned an "extreme" version (sadly never taken out of planning stages), Fireball is a test of nerves, poise, and how much lighter fluid you keep in your kitchen drawers at any given moment.

Robot Boxing

12. Robot Boxing

Nothing to see here, folks. The title said it all.


11. Baseketball

The biggest shame of Baseketball, besides the inclusion of Jenny McCarthy, is that fusing two other cool sports never really took off. Top of the list for me? Football and soccer, just to REALLY rile 'em up.