10. Grifball

A high-stakes, violent, contact sport that you can play online. Fellow wusses, we now no longer have any reasons to leave the house. 


9. Calvinball

Calvinball is a sport that's made up as the players go along. Just like this paragraph. Well, goodbye. 

Disc Wars

8. Disc Wars

When playing sports, a lot of people will tell you "it's not the winning, it;s the taking part." These are the people who'd be violently vaporized in mere seconds during a Disc War. It's the winning.

Deathball Futurama

7. Deathball (Futurama)

I honestly don't know what's more surprising: That in the future mankind appears to have developed a taste for such a bloodthirsty, unforgiving sport, or that you people enjoyed anything about those Futurama movies.

The Hunger Games

6. The Hunger Games

If there's one thing this list has taught us, it's that the oppressed masses of an evil futuristic totalitarian regime overseeing a nightmare dystopia love their death sports. This one has the added draw of being targeted at tweens. In that they are targeted with arrows and spears and stabbing.