Seth on Jules

15. Seth on Jules (Superbad)

"Be yourself" is advice largely ignored when it comes to wooing ladies, but Superbad establishes pretty early on that Jules is actually kind of into Seth as-is. Seth's crush on Jules goes for more of a will-they-won't-they than a will-she-settle-for-someone-she's-obviously-better-than? Meaning the whole thing plays out much more naturally than in other comedies, and that we, the viewers, don't have to miss out on Seth doing things like verbally abusing a homeless man or head-butting the woman he loves.

Miss Piggy on Kermit the Frog

14. Miss Piggy on Kermit the Frog

The only female-on-male crush to make the Top 15, Miss Piggy's endless pursuit of Kermit the Frog is one of the defining characteristics of the entire Muppets franchise. Piggy and Kermit's relationship hasn't always been a perfect model of romance, but what it lacks in tenderness it more than makes up for in pure persistence. As that old saying goes: if at first you don't succeed, trick him into marrying you, like, a dozen times. 

Milhouse on Lisa Simpson

13. Milhouse on Lisa Simpson

As horrible as unrequited love is in practice, it makes great television. The outcome of Milhouse's pursuit of Lisa has never been in any doubt, but that doesn't stop us rooting for him every time. On the bright side, we'll always have those episodes set in the future where's she's inexplicably with him for a while. 

Link on Zelda

12. Link on Zelda

Love makes us do crazy things, but even Link seriously pushes the envelope with the kind of shit he pulls to impress Zelda. We've all been there. Sure, it's a nice gesture to run a little errand or two for your squeeze, but all too soon those errands start running into the dozens, and those little errands are in all actuality life-threatening epic journeys. Link's devotion and servitude to Zelda remains unwavering, which is admittedly cute, but he'd better be in for some serious snuggling once all's said and done. That is, if he doesn't die in the name of his one true love. Which he probably will.

Peter Parker on Mary Jane Watson

11. Peter Parker on Mary Jane Watson

I've seen enough movies to know that revealing your secret superhero identity is a terrible idea for all involved. It puts your loved ones in danger, it compromises every facet of your personal life, and you might get a bill for all those buildings you inadvertently destroyed that one time. Despite all this, I know if I had some rad powers, I'd tell everyone I possibly could in a heartbeat. Which goes to show just how much Peter Parker loves Mary Jane since it took him FOREVER to let the love of his life in on the one detail which would redeem him and bring them together. Also she calls him "Tiger" a lot, and it takes a serious bond to overlook that.