Fry on Leela

5. Fry on Leela

Though they've been a happy couple at time, Futurama just isn't Futurama unless Fry's trying desperately to win over an ambivalent Leela with ill-advised schemes. I'm not saying I want Fry to remain romantically unfulfilled and miserable forever. Just as long as the show continues to exist.

Leonard Hofstadter on Penny

4. Leonard Hofstadter on Penny

What's refreshing about the seemingly endless teasing of the Leonard and Penny pairing is how little Leonard's nerdier… inclinations have anything to do with why she might not like him. He's sometimes just a terrible person! It's this kind of earnestness that really invests a viewer in something that's been dragged out for much longer then it should be. That and how great the names "Leonard and Penny" work as a couple name.

Eric on Donna

3. Eric on Donna

I've never believed in love more than during Eric and Donna's basketball/gab sessions. It's the perfect harmony of what they both want out of a relationship, even if they don't quite know they want it with each other yet. Then again, I also believed they weren't smoking pot on that show, thinking sometimes the characters just sat in a circle and said wacky things. Don't trust me.

Jim Halpert on Pam Beesly

2. Jim Halpert on Pam Beesly

It seems, looking down this list, that the secret to any good crush storyline is agonizing longevity. Looking back from our current position in season 9, it's hard to think of three years as a long time. But when you consider Jim and Pam's original UK counterparts were united after just 12 episodes, it was a heart-wrenching wait. Some might argue Jim and Pam's coming together compromised the show's best dynamic, but they're dumb, it was obviously meant to be.

Ron Weasley on Hermione Granger

1. Ron Weasley on Hermione Granger

Ron and Hermione's undying love came from sort-of left field, which is nothing but a testament to the believability of the friendship they had before the relationship. What really made us want to root for Ron in his infatuation with his best friend was how human everything felt. In a world of evil wizards, dragons, and some dweeb with glasses being the most popular kid in school, Ron was just some spacey redhead who liked a girl. For all their time spent chasing monsters and plotting their survival, Ron and Hermione's greatest adventure was love all along. Haha, just kidding. Prisoner of Azkaban was the bomb.