10. Laugh

A good laugh is like music to the ears. In lieu of humans evolving to laugh actual music, this will do fine.

Really smooth skin

9. Really Smooth Skin

Sometimes you come across skin that's so soft and smooth, you imagine someone must have come along at some point and just taken sandpaper to it for hours and hours. It's really hot, unlike that image.

Biting their lips

8. Biting Their Lips

Lip-biting is pretty much the universal symbol for "something sexy is about to happen", until we come up with an actual universal symbol. How about, like, a circle with three lines running through it and a winking eye? I guess that would just looked like a closed eye unless we added a second open one… Let's just stick with lip-biting while I work this out.

Yoga pants

7. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants perform double duty in both indicating a girl that does yoga and that said girl has a rockin' bod. Thanks, yoga pants. Thanks so much.

That place where the tramp stamp would be minus the tramp stamp

6. That Place Where the Tramp Stamp Would Be (minus the tramp stamp)

Sorry, there wasn't enough room to just write "Lower Back"