Speaking another language fluently

10. Speaking another language fluently

It takes a special kind of guy to muster the effort and composure needed to sit down and learn an entire language. Bonus points of he doesn't just use it to ask for ketchup on vacation.


9. Jawline

Sloped gently downwards like the Sivalik Foothills of Nepal, but strong and defined like the man in question's sense of self. Ask anyone how they like their man's jawline and this will be the answer. Unchanged and without fail.

A subtle foreign accent only if authentic

8. A subtle foreign accent only if authentic

Being from overseas means people aren't going to understand you very well, and will probably get frustrated and cut off your conversations and you'll never truly communicate with another human being again. But you will sleep with a bunch of them. So hooray!


7. Abs

A guy with good abs has a good core. By which I mean he's good to the core. There's never ever been a bad guy with abs. Just ask Putin or John Cena.

Knowing how to cook/grill

6. Knowing how to cook/grill

The hunter/gatherer type is a little old-fashioned. Today's provider need to nothing more than type the letters B, B, and Q into the title bar of a new event on Facebook. Until grilled chicken stops being delicious, that's fine by me.