15. Camelot

A lot of people still think Camelot's real, which is silly. Like a government could ever run that smoothly.

South Park

14. South Park

Some shows appeal to viewers because their settings could conceivably be anywhere. In South Park, everyone's fat and rude, so that cancels out absolutely nowhere.


13. Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the more tragic places to never exist. First, its thriving population, leading the field in society and industry, sinks into the sea. Next, that terrible Disney movie. Will the horror never end?

Jurassic Park

12. Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs and inexplicably lax security have never lived in such perfect harmony than within the walls of Jurassic Park. What probably was, and should have stayed, an aging billionaire's fever dream, quickly evolved into one of the coolest theme parks, and the only one one the world to hire someone whose sole job it is to reset the "Number of days since catastrophic dinosaur attack" counter to "0".

The Matrix

11. The Matrix

Sounds nice, but I'm not that into leather.