10. Narnia

Its natural splendor can't be denied, but the fact that every single enchanted animal's either working for some insane ice queen/trying to enlist you in their army really puts a damper on things.


9. Pandora

Have you ever taken a romantic night stroll through a luminescent forest? Have you ever ridden a hair braid-powered dragon? Have you ever braved the climb of the floating Hallelujah Mountains? No? That's because you're a bad, bad human and must be destroyed.


8. Springfield

This place must be hot! They don't need an ad, or even correct spelling.


7. Westeros

Living there probably sucks, what with the constant, dizzying back-stabbing/monsters/creepy guy who won't stop saying "Hodor", but all that earth-scarring war and sexy political intrigue certainly makes for good entertainment. And that's what matters.


6. Hyrule

Because chickens aren't nearly vengeful enough in this world.