5. Accepted

What Accepted wants you to take away from it is that it doesn't matter what college you go to, as long as you work hard and honestly. Also, Jesus Christ, Jonah Hill was heavy back then. Like, wow.

Van Wilder

4. Van Wilder

Tara Reid and the National Lampoon franchise have a lot in common, as both were in for a similar downward trajectory following the release of Van Wilder. At least National Lampoon has never assumedly been thrown out of a motel. 

Good Will Hunting

3. Good Will Hunting

Before Ben Affleck was the renowned actor-director he is today, he was a kinda-chubby B-movie cutout. Before that, though, he wrote Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon, who's pretty much always been fine. Good Will Hunting was most famous for that one scene, and later for all the idiots who keep quoting that one damn scene.

Animal House

2. Animal House

On the surface, it's a loud, funny, crass movie about guys in a fraternity. At its heart, though, it's informed and really quite subtle. John Belushi's big-name power helped the film achieve instant recognition, but even today its messages of pride and camaraderie live on. And excessive drinking. Can't forget that.

Old School

1. Old School

Todd Phillips has really made a name for himself in the "Grown men rediscovering a youthful taste for drunken destruction" genre, and arguably still his most accomplished work in this vein is Old School. It stimulates that part of everyone, the part that kind of wants to go back to college as long as it's free and you only have to do the fun parts. Enough talk, let's go watch it right now. Then streaking.