Charlie Kelly

20. Charlie Kelly

It's a rule of television that in every show there must be one character who acts as a surrogate for the audience. They reason, interact, and react with the plot the way we would, and serve to ground the show with a degree of believability. On the other hand, screw that. Always Sunny deals in exclusively dysfunctional, unhinged characters, but arguable never more so than with Charlie Kelly. Long live the king of the rats.

Chandler Bing

19. Chandler Bing

That's Ms. Chanandler Bong to you.

Jerry Seinfeld

18. Jerry Seinfeld

In real life, He's arguably one of the defining names in modern media, responsible for informing the shape of modern comedy more than any other. In his show, a girl once dumped him for picking his nose.

Dexter Morgan

17. Dexter Morgan

Dexter goes around killing people, but only if they're bad. No word yet on why he didn't murder the show after Season 5.

George Oscar GOB Bluth

16. George Oscar GOB Bluth

It's a (check out) banner day for America's favorite/worst magician. GOB's known on the show for being Michael's brother, and for not making a single good decision during its 3-year run.