Stewie Griffin

10. Stewie Griffin

Stewie's plans for total world domination and the demise of Lois have taken something of a back seat in recent years. Instead, we've seen the baby behind the diabolical schemes, something that both has allowed a deeper level of fan appreciation and also endless discussions that begin with "Yo is that baby gay? That baby's totally gay."

Philip J Fry

9. Philip J Fry

It's a testament to the spirit of Fry that despite ending up 1,000 years behind the times and totally alone in an unfamiliar place, he built a new life for himself and made some great friends. It's also a testament to the likeability of Fry that we were all OK with him boinking his Grandma.

Tyrion Lannister

8. Tyrion Lannister

As if being a Game of Thrones character wasn't bad enough, Tyrion's also had to contend with disability his entire life. Still, maybe if he wasn't always reading books he wouldn't get picked on all the time.


7. House

House occupies that cathartic, perverse area of the TV character spectrum directly between "I love this genius psychopath doctor guy!" and "I would give anything to never meet this genius psychopath doctor guy!"

Dr Cox

6. Dr Cox

See above.