Eric Cartman

5. Eric Cartman

Cartman has that fantastic ability to say what everyone's thinking, but is also too afraid to. Also he's a really beautiful singer.

Michael Scott

4. Michael Scott

For all his mistakes, bad jokes, pathetic tantrums, and racial abuse of his employees, Michael Scott always meant well, and left the show with the dignity and legacy of his character intact. That is until they wheel him out for some kind of awful encore at the end of the series.

Walter White

3. Walter White

Now seems like a good time to point out the "best" in the title of this list is based entirely on objective quality, and not reflective of the character's morality. It wasn't even until a year ago that everyone stopped rooting for Walter White and got firmly on Team Cancer. Walter White remains a fascinating case study of the decay of humanity once money and power come into play, and, even more impressively, how to turn a guy in a wheelchair into a bomb and STILL have people dislike you.

Homer Simpson

2. Homer Simpson

Arguably the defining icon of our generation, Homer Simpsons represents the solidity of the American family, the playful spirit that exists forever within every human being regardless of age, and that a BUNCH of people must watch How I Met Your Mother.

Barney Stinson

1. Barney Stinson

It's not easy to declare something in a TV poll "better than The Simpsons," but Barney Stinson has managed it. As previously mentioned, Homer Simpson is definitely up there as one of the most lasting and important figures in, not just television, but pop culture itself. Some might question the decision that a character who seemingly just spews bawdy one-liners and shouts "Legendary!" 100 times a season can win out against literally an entire army of fictional icons, but the people have rightly spoken, and Barney Stinson is undeniably the greatest character in TV history. Let's all celebrate by saying one of his catchphrases.