Cat-Eye Glasses

20. Cat-Eye Glasses

"Everyone likes cat eyes, right? Cold, judgmental, yellow. Nothing better. Make people look like that." – Someone somewhere who for some reason was listened to.

Toe Rings

19. Toe Rings

Whoever invented the toe ring probably meant well. Feet are ugly and gross. Instead of jazzing them up with jewelry, I prefer to wash mine. But to each their own.

The Deep V

18. The Deep V

All the more offensive for how prevalent it remains, the Deep V is a staple of douchebag summer and DOUCHEBAG winter.

Powdered Wigs

17. Powdered Wigs

So funny you can't help but laugh at whoever's wearing one. There's a reason I've been held in contempt so many times.

Soul Patches

16. Soul Patches

I haven't put the work in to research why soul patches are called that, but I can only assume it's designed as a cry for help, since no-one with a soul patch has a soul.