Anyone Wearing Uggs

15. Anyone Wearing Uggs

Uggs represent the worst in so many categories of a clothes purchase: they look awful, people will indiscriminately despise you on sight for wearing them, and they're offensively expensive. Hopefully everyone wearing them is doing so as a kind of urban prank, and one day they'll reveal themselves and their plan in a fit of hilarity and applause and they'll become the new congress.

Zubaz Pants

14. Zubaz Pants

You know things are bad when you wouldn't even consider them as pajamas.


13. Chihuahuas

There's not many things that testament excess more than having a small, living creature make up your party night attire. Not so much concerned with the animal's wellbeing, you get the impression most people try to keep their Chihuahuas alive just because not doing so would really ruin the mood.

Those Shakespeare Collar Things

12. Those Shakespeare Collar Things

A quick google search reveals their actual name is "ruff collars", which is silly, but still not nearly silly enough to illustrate just how outrageously silly the things actually are.

Shell Suits

11. Shell Suits

Remembered fondly by anyone who was in an 80s R&B group and absolutely no-one else.