Ed Hardy Shirts

10. Ed Hardy Shirts

Ed Hardy shirts just have to be objectively hideous, right? They're so, so, egregiously terrible that I've just got to believe the people wearing them are in on some kind of hilarious long-form performance art that reveals our inner monster or something. If it's anything other than that then I'm sad and I'm sorry.

Girls Shaving Half Their Heads

9. Girls Shaving Half Their Heads

Nothing says "I make bad decisions!" quite like dramatically buzz-cutting a portion of you hair and leaving the rest intact.

Shutter Shades

8. Shutter Shades

Hopefully someday shuttered shades.


7. Jeggings

A true bastion of bad taste, upholding the terrible modern philosophies of "make it smaller and tighter" and "find a way for these two words and things to become one word and thing".

Frosted Tips

6. Frosted Tips

As a child who mostly spent the 90s sleeping or watching Batman cartoons, I heard about frosted tips before I saw them, assuming them to be some kind of delicious, limited edition cereal. Imagine my horrified disappointment.