Saturday Night Live

20. Saturday Night Live

37 Seasons later, SNL's still got it. This season could definitely be seen as something of a last hurrah, hopefully just for a few of the show's heavy hitters (Wiig, Samberg, Elliot, Brittain (just kidding)) and not the increasing quality of comedy that's been coming out of 8H recently. Come December, Sudekis will be departing as well, meaning we're going to need a lot of Drunk Uncle and Stefon to see us through those cold, cold, winter nights.


19. House

Rather than going out with a bang, House went out on a Motorcycle, with his best friend in tow, also on a motorcycle. It's been 8 Seasons since Laurie first limped onto the screen as House, spewing genius and insults (and occasionally the two together) in his flawless East Coast accent. Since 2004, we, the viewers, have been on a spiritual and psychological journey with him, culminating in those final few moments of the final episode, where we find out he was gay for Wilson all along.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

18. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You've got to hand it to Rob McElhenney, but few other people would go as far to re-energize a show in its seventh season as gaining 50 pounds for a role simply because it would be funny. Elsewhere, it was pretty much business as usual for the gang, who we've come to know so well, well enough to call vomiting up dozens of blood capsules and putting Danny DeVito in a dog cage "business as usual".


17. Dexter

Dexter's got to be on its way out sooner or later, which means they're finally getting round to answering some big questions. No, not "will members of Dexter's team finally become suspicious of the guy they have of full-time payroll yet is only in the office, like, a little bit?" BIG questions, like, "Dude, are those siblings going to get it on?"

The Simpsons

16. The Simpsons

A strong case could be made for how much better the Simpsons was 20 years ago, and a case could also be made for how nice it is to still have The Simpsons be a part of modern pop culture after all this time. Yeah! Shove it, people who don't like this show anymore and who I definitely didn't need to bring up in an article solely highlighting its merits!