Family Guy

15. Family Guy

Criticize Seth MacFarlane all you want, but the guy's got a formula that works, even if that formula is slowly but surely pushing off any other show on Fox ever off the air. Family Guy, the first of his long-running animated sitcoms that feature a well-meaning but oafish and ultimately vulgar patriarch and some kind of talking animal, remains his most solid and consistent work. That is, until his Flinstones reboot gets off the ground. Talk about an idea that's sure not to fail!

30 Rock

14. 30 Rock

What we didn't know during 30 Rock season 6 is that it would be the penultimate season of the show, which is just as well, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to concentrate on its intricate, well-crafted jokes for our debilitating depression/see who was doing what at any given moment sue to the furious, confused tears that would be blurring our vision every waking moment we spent knowing that come 2013, we'd never see Kenneth Parcell jig is merry jig ever again.

Modern Family

13. Modern Family

The Dunphys, Pritchetts, Dunphy-Pritchetts continue from strength to strength on the back of their winning every single comedy Emmy that it's possible to win ever. This year, Haley got into college and that's all that happened in the way of actual plot, since the rest of the time everyone's just getting into hilariously complex mishaps and running around shouting.

The Office

12. The Office

Michael Scott is no more. Long live Regional Manager Andrew Bernard for the presumably short amount of time that the series remains on the air! A BUNCH of new people joined the show last year, including James Spader and Catherine Tate as people who work at a professional paper company but have some quirks and attributes that cause them to be unprofessional and weird some of the time! Whaaaaa?!


11. Sherlock

Steven Moffat assumes his rightful position as Showrunner of the Century with a whole two TV shows in the top 11. Bringing up the rear is Sherlock, a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes story that is obviously better than that CBS version even though no-one's seen that yet. Benedict Cumberbatch stars on-screen as a guy with an extraordinary mind who solves crimes, and stars in real life as a guy with an extraordinary name who makes my girlfriend all weird and giggly and is this why I had to wear that deerstalker when I set up your DSL the other day, Bernice?