South Park

10. South Park

If there's one place South Park hasn't gone since its pilot, it's SOUTH. That's the only thing I had written down for this entry, since it was so good. Thank you and you're welcome.

The Big Bang Theory

9. The Big Bang Theory

There's a reason the "group of friends just hanging out and saying things" format is so prevalent still: it's awesome and makes everyone feel included in an exclusive friend group. Here, BBT presents something of a dilemma though, because do you really want to be hanging out with nerds all the time? ARE YOU A NERD? Better hurl some insults at the screen the next time you watch it, just in case.

Parks and Recreation

8. Parks and Recreation

You can think about the trajectory of Parks and Recreation the same way you can about one of its characters, Andy. In the beginning, he was a little boorish, and loud, and we couldn't help but think we'd seen it all before. Four seasons later and there he is, all happy and bounding and adorable and there's nothing you want to do more than have him around with you at all times. As Chris Traeger would say: this is LITERALLY the best show on TV right now. But as I'd say, shut up, Chris, it's literally the eighth.


7. Futurama

We can only hope that Futurama's going to go on and on and on and someday will overlap with the very year it's set in, and will then become a straight show about a few guys kickin' it in contemporary New New York. Kind of like Friends but animated. And, y'know, funny.

Doctor Who

6. Doctor Who

Doctor Who closed out its most epic and confusing season ever with a dramatic turn that saw The Doctor cheat death. But, like, by putting a robot in his place? Kind of a twee ploy. Still, those kinds of things can be forgiven since we've finally found out who River Song is! A… schoolfriend of Amy and Rory's who is also their daughter? Yeesh, I'd ask for a timeline if I wasn't sure it was going to be just as complicated all written down. In all seriousness, the show's never been more on top of its game in terms of writing, acting, and the special effects, which finally took the leap from "horrible" to "somewhat passable". In all not seriousness, geronimo! Fish fingers and custard!