The Scary Door Futurama

10. The Scary Door (Futurama)

The Scary Door is very obviously a labor of love by the writers. No character in Futurama ever mentions or acknowledges it. It's almost entirely standalone. The best thing about The Scary Door is that it's one of the only things in Futurama that isn't a joke about how different things are in the future. It would work just as well as a parody if it were a used in The Simpsons. The show is barely an homage to The Twilight Zone, I say "barely" because there's so few things that distinguish Scary Door segments from conceivable (and actual) Twilight Zone segments, save for a few more jokes.

Single Female Lawyer Futurama

9. Single Female Lawyer (Futurama)

Another 20th Century parody in a show about the 30th Century, Single Female Lawyer is unwittingly canceled by Fry, the repercussions of which don't find him until a thousand years later. It's hard to tell exactly what show SFL was going after, but considering its main character was called Jenny McNeal, and the fact it's an Ally McBeal parody, I think I can offer up a pretty good guess.

Tool Time Home Improvement

8.Tool Time (Home Improvement)

Tool Time very probably would have been a very successful standalone show, though it's hard to know how much of its popularity could be attributed to the sexy lady Tim Allen rolls out every episode. The show's known for its high number of on-set accidents, making it, let's face it, easily the best show about DIY ever made.

All My Circuits Futurama

7. All My Circuits (Futurama)

Bender's shiny metal heart casing is pierced by only a few things: turtles, his undying love for Elzar, and All My Circuits, a cheesy soap opera for robots, by robots. It's easy to assume All My Circuits is just a loveless jab at every other daytime TV show ever made, but with its jarring tendency to recast roles at random, and love of giving every character amnesia, it certainly brings a freshness to cable drama not seen since James Franco was on General Hospital for some reason.

Inspector Space Time Community

6. Inspector Space Time (Community)

In what shall be known as The Day Dan Harmon Figured Out How To Get The Internet To Love You, the demise of Cougar Town (which disappointingly is the title of a show in THIS universe) Inspector Space Time, a show that's curiously similar but not in any way related to Doctor Who assumes the full-time duty of sating Abed's TV obsessions. Now, get to work on that crossover which won't happen for a bunch of stupid, logical reasons.