10. Death

The specific act of dying could conceivably be implied in a lot of the entries in this list, but even after something scary happens, you still have to die. It's hard to imagine how scary it is to know your own body is shutting down forever, and that your consciousness is seconds away from being eradicated, and in an instant you become nothing, and will never think or feel or influence again. On top of all that, once you've actually died, your religion might have been wrong all along, which would be a shame.

Plane Crashes

9. Plane Crashes

It's frankly pretty ridiculous that planes aren't crashing all the time. They're heavy, full of explosive fuel, and MILES ABOVE THE GROUND. That there aren't at least dozens of crashes every day is a miracle, which is exactly why flying is so scary. Though still not as scary as your plane NOT crashing and one of those fancy idiots who likes to point out that "statistically flying is the safest form of travel" getting off the plane all smug and being allowed to live another day.

Getting Stabbed

8. Getting Stabbed

Getting stabbed is scary because not only is there a knife blade going into you, but someone out there hates you enough to want to stab you. It also means you've done something really dumb to warrant the stabbing, like picking a fight or doing anything other than crumble to the floor and weep while you were getting mugged. As terrible as it is, the worst part is knowing you did it to yourself.


7. Epidemics

The problem with epidemics is that they're unpredictable, moreso than a natural disaster or other fatal diseases, which give you at least a little time and comfort to prepare. You don't even know about an epidemic until you're right in the middle of things. The good news is that, thanks to movies, we know the only types of epidemic possible are a fast-acting supervirus and a full-scale zombie apocalypse. So, you know, we're a little prepared.

Dying Alone

6. Dying Alone

Dying sucks, but at least most of us get to do it in the knowledge we've taken someone with us. It's a comfort to know that, in the last moments of our entire lives, someone is there to see us off, and make sure we're not found months later rotting on our couches with the DVR still looping Saturday Night Live's Best of Jimmy Fallon.