Andrew Shepard, The American President

15. Andrew Shepard, The American President

Yeah yeah yeah, the President's supposed to run the country and stuff. But all we really want is an Andrew Shepard type POTUS who we can watch fall in looooooooooove.

President Nixon, Watchmen

14. President Nixon, Watchmen

Alan Moore's graphic novel and Zack Snyder's movie adaptation gave us a fictional Nixon to kick around again, who serves five terms as President and uses The Comedian to assassinate political opponents. Fake Tricky Dick even has a superpower, namely a bottomless capacity for assholery.

Tim Robbins, Austin Powers

13. Tim Robbins, Austin Powers

Dr. Evil, meet the incredibly silly U.S. President you're up against. Incredibly silly U.S. President, meet Dr. Evil. Just want to thank you both for coming together to make government, diplomacy, and global terrorist threats so much FUN!

James Dale, Mars Attacks

12. James Dale, Mars Attacks

Two reasons he's one of our greatest made-up Presidents. Reason #1: he died at the hands (really a single freaky hand) of those evil Martian invaders. Reason #2: he's pretty much just President Jack Nicholson. What could be better than that?

David Palmer, 24

11. David Palmer, 24

David Palmer was such a badass President that even Jack Bauer respected him. And Jack Bauer's standards are so high, he almost doesn't even respect himself.