The Polar Express Tom Hanks

5. The Polar Express (Tom Hanks)

You can count me very firmly in the group of people who found The Polar Express weird and terrifying. I can only assume you voted for him because you feared he'd come to you in the night seeking retribution, sucking the happiness from your soul with his grey, lifeless eyes like a Dementor. You did the right thing.

Miracle on 34th Street Edmund Gwenn

4. Miracle on 34th Street (Edmund Gwenn)

Both the original Miracle on 34th Street and the remake are represented in the Top 10, meaning the spirit of christmas truly is timeless. That or everyone's dad voted for this old movie when you left your browser open on this page. Get off the computer, dads! Go back to having sex with our moms!

Elf Edward Asner

3. Elf (Edward Asner)

Buddy the Elf's favourite person ever, which is saying something, since his second-placed favourite person ever is literally everyone else. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Ed Ivory

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Ed Ivory)

Santa has a pretty rough time in The Nightmare Before Christmas, what with the kidnapping and the identity theft and a terrifying monster made of insects trying to kill him and all. He's probably have been able to handle it a lot better, though, if someone had gotten his goddamn name right just once.

The Santa Clause Trilogy Tim Allen

1. The Santa Clause Trilogy (Tim Allen)

What does the word "Santa" mean to you? Since you're at the end of this write-up, by now it's probably just a collection of letters that has ceased to carry any meaning, and is instead a nightmare prison from which you will never be able to escape. For most people, though, Santa is synonymous with Tim Allen, and Tim Allen murdering people, and Tim Allen then becoming that person, because that's the objective basis for a fun family film. The killing of a supposedly immortal being aside, Allen rises to the challenging of fully becoming Santa Claus, despite the hit his dating profile is going to take once he updates his Body Type to "belly like a bowlful of jelly".