Moonrise Kingdom

10. Moonrise Kingdom

The best, funniest, and most accessible Wes Anderson film in years, which is saying something considering how little incest/suicide/child-death there was in Fantastic Mr. Fox. It's also a film shot in Rhode Island, making it the only interesting thing that has ever happened in Rhode Island. History in the making, guys.

The Five Year Engagement

9. The Five Year Engagement

Yes, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as an adorable, dysfunctional, infuriatingly attractive couple is a great relationship to center a movie around. With that said, throwing Chris Pratt and Alison Brie into the mix didn't hurt none either. And by "didn't hurt" I mean "was the best idea of all time how could this movie be anything other than perfect and loved by all?" But that's a given. 

The Watch

8. The Watch

Turns out when you cast the "weird guy" from "that thing" four times over, you're going to get a pretty weird film. Some people will call it one of the funniest of the year for its alien-hunting and, admittedly pretty great, dick jokes. But the scene where Vince Vaughn discovers Russian Dolls and subsequently has his mind blown for a full couple of minutes will alone justify for me any Oscars this thing can, and WILL, win.

Men in Black III

7. Men in Black III

More like Men in BACK. Because the franchise this sequel is based on has returned-or, as some people might phrase it, is "back"-from a ten-year hiatus during which no live-action Men in Black movies were being produced. That's just the kind of punchy, fun writing you can expect from a movie like Men in Black III, only much, much better. I promise.

American Reunion

6. American Reunion

American Reunion probably won't make many critic's end-of-year Top 10 lists, but it sure was a hit amongst horny teens and people stuck in the past glory days of youth. And, if every comedy movie ever has taught us anything, those are the guys to pay attention to. Suck it, Peter Travers.