10. Welcome to America

Good for this guy, whose first thought on seeing something saddening and wrong was to post a picture of it to facebook along with a snarky caption. He'll fit right in here.

9. Student Owned by Professor on Facebook

"Stay in School" is usually sound advice, but this kid might want to take an extended leave after being proven to be both dumber and less cool than his high school professor. I'd say it gets better, kid, but I don't know if there's any coming back from this.

8. Girls Remind Hockey Player of Sexual History

Friends reconnecting is a wonderful thing, and that in this case they're reuniting over a piece of cardboard that has the word "dick" on it is a delightful bonus. Well done to Tyler for taking it all in good stride, too. Gonna have to need that self-effacing sense of humor if you want to be a professional Hockey player.

7. Guy Takes Care of Girlfriend and Best Friend Simultaneously

"Bros Before Hoes" from now on is the mantra of people who obviously aren't trying hard enough. You've changed the world this day, guy in plaid who isn't throwing up in this picture.

6. Amputated Guy Finds Perfect T-Shirt

A smart, funny, well-fitted T-Shirt with a dinosaur on it AND the subject of a worldwide viral sensation? This is the luckiest guy in the world.