Picture Frame

10. Picture Frame

I can't imagine where the tradition of gifting picture frames came from. It's so inexplicable it could have been anything. There are alternate universes where people, the day before their office's Secret Santa party, not knowing what else to do, go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy a cafetiere, or a shower mat, or a child-size antique ottoman. A special holiday shout-out to those people that also put a picture of their own choosing in the frame before giving it, which is the second most obnoxious thing I can imagine. The first being making a list of terrible christmas gifts as a job.

Clothing That Doesn't Fit

9. Clothing That Doesn't Fit

It's common practice to leave the tags and receipt with any clothing you buy anyone. The reasoning behind this is that, if it doesn't fit, they'll be able to take it back and get something more appropriate. The reality behind this is who has time for that in the week between Christmas and New Year?

A Pet Bird, Rodent or Reptile

8. A Pet Bird, Rodent or Reptile

What's worse than thrusting the responsibility of caring for another living creature at someone without warning? Choosing a gross kind of living creature. That's what.

A Donation in Your Name

7. A Donation in Your Name

It's hard to complain about a gift of charity that will undoubtedly improve lives around the world. But let's try anyway. First off, it's kind of presumptuous to decide any of your friends have fallen short on the "helping others" quota over the year. Second off, it's not a cool robot toy or cash or anything, which sucks.

Non-Best Selling Book About Something You Were Interested in As a Child

6. Non-Best Selling Book About Something You Were Interested in As a Child

This one feels oddly specific, but from the votes it received it looks like a lot of you have been burned in the past by this kind of thing. A couple of years ago a relative gave me a Boy Scouts handbook, which is weird for a number of reasons including the fact I was never in the boy scouts and the fact I was never in the Boy Scouts.