Cheerleader Leader

10. Cheerleader Leader

Not to be confused with "Over-Enthusiastic Middle-Aged Guy Who Definitely Came Alone," The Cheerleader Leader knows just how to get a crowd going, including the crowd earning money to be there in the first place.

Vincent van Gogh Team!

9. Vincent van Gogh Team!

Body paint smells terrible, feels terrible, and, despite the very best and most obvious of efforts, never exactly looks great. Which is why those who wear it anyway every week are nothing short of heroes, especially considering how many times game footage will end with the shot of that one guy, painted head to toe in the colors of the losing team. Sacrifice.

Tailgate Gatsby

8. Tailgate Gatsby

Tailgating is an inexplicable phenomenon, practiced only by people who one day decided they wanted to watch the game on TV, but preferred everything else about the experience be much, much worse. "Can't go to the game? Why of course we can!"

Lil Fan

7. Lil Fan

Kids are so cute when they're old enough to be enthused by the fraternal spectacle that is team sports/not old enough to be dicks about it and support their dad's team's rivals ironically.

The Mystery Fan

6. The Mystery Fan

I get it, merchandise is expensive, and those Halloween costumes from the past 20 years of your life aren't going to reuse themselves (sidenote: Wow, Halloween costumes are offensively wasteful). Still, when the connection between what you're wearing and the team you're supporting is a related point on the spectrum of light and also a geeky TV reference from 11 years ago, you might want to rethink things/keep being you, you brave, brave soul.