Ryan Max Riley

If you move your dog around like he's in a fighter jet dogfight you can understand hidden messages in Top Gun afterward. If you need to know things like that, my comedy writing has been published in CollegeHumor, Splitsider, The Harvard Lampoon, The Higgs Weldon, and The Big Jewel, and some of my tweets (@RyanMaxRiley) have appeared on FunnyTweets.com, FunnyTweeter.com, FunTweets.com, AtWitsEndComics.com, and ComicPool.com. I understand most people who like CollegeHumor are very respectable and accomplished college students or graduates so let me know if you wanna help me find a secret treasure.

  • Bios for New York's Most Popular Tutors

    Bios for New York's Most Popular Tutors

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