The Best CollegeHumor Video of All Time: Winner!
The time Adam explained why unpaid internships are the biggest scam
The time Adam told us all the truth about herpes
The time Adam unearthed the weird reality of embalming
The time Adam revealed the insane reality of the electoral college
The time Adam showed how the TSA is just an example of "security theater"
The time Adam exposed wine snobs as being just as clueless as anyone
The time Adam explained to us how jaywalking became a crime
The time Adam showed us all why canned food drives are a huge waste
Bow To My Engine - Sponsored by Ford
Colorful Conversation - Sponsored by Ford
5 Gifs Of The Worst Person To Go Hiking With
Darek Trekks vs The Ants (Sponsored by Ultimate Ears)
Asking For A Raise in Your Relationship

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