Presidents, representatives, senators and mayors help the world turn. Though they don't always make it turn in the direction we want, they do give us the scandals and headlines we need to confirm that democracy and capitalism are so much cooler than dictatorships and communism.

    What One Year of Trump Feels Like
    The New Face of the NRA
    Now Is the Time to Do Something
    Trump Cannot Be Destroyed
    Trump's Brilliant Strategy
    Fake News Investigative Journalists
    Is Trump the President or Am I Brain Damaged?
    But, Seriously, Pokèmon Go to the Polls
    If Barack Obama Were Donald Trump (with Reggie Brown)
    Jake and Amir: Donald Trump
    Why We Need a Businessman as President (We Don't)
    If Donald Trump Had Been President Throughout History
    Donald Trump Will Never Be President... Or Will He?

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