1. Get bought by someone.
  2. Get filled with water and placed on top of a partially opened door so that when the next person opens it the water will spill all over their new haircut.
  3. Mold wet sand into a sandcastle.
  4. Have the Kings of Leon name a song after me.
  5. Get thrown up into by the hot girl who drank too much at the party.
  6. Serve as a makeshift drum for a down and out street performer.
  7. Get stacked inside another bucket to create more free space.
  8. Hold the fish used to feed the dolphins at the aquarium.
  9. Meet the bucket featured in one of the drills shown in the commercial for "Tom Emanski's Instructional Baseball Videos" (endorsed by Fred McGriff).
  10. Read the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl.
  11. Meet James Caan.
  12. Get made into a "bucket bass".
  13. Complete one of those crazy eating challenges on that show "Man Vs. Food".
  14. Spend a week in Prague.
  15. Sit front row at a Buckethead concert.
  16. Be a contestant on MTV's "Say What? Karaoke".
  17. Know what true love feels like.
  18. Inspire a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in the twilight of their careers.