Okay, we ALL know what PornHub is used for: Barbequing tutorials. BUT what you probably didn't realize about this website, is that it has SO MUCH more to offer than just increasing your left hand's keyboard dexterity. So the next time you decide to "Wring-Out The Old Gym Towel", make sure to be on the look out for some of these GREAT post-climax clips.


WARNING: None of the following content is SEXUAL. In any way.


1. Seinfeld. Just A FULL Episode Of Seinfeldundefined

Link Here


Yep, if you just type "Seinfeld" into the PornHub search bar, you won't find any parody pornography or even a sultry, sitcom spin-off. What you WILL find is a legitimate, full length episode of the Seinfeld pilot. It's very distressing to watch Jason Alexander nervously talk about Jerry's relationship troubles with the PornHub logo creeping into your peripherals.


2. World Cup Soccer Highlights


Link Here


Looking for some REAL "Money Shots"? From the 2014 World Cup, here is a nicely put together highlight reel of the Spain Vs Netherlands game, courtesy of PornHub. This is a MUST "Open In New Tab" kind of video. That is, If you're into sports. Or porn. Both would be preferable.


3. An ENTIRE Howard Stern Interview


Link Here


Admittedly, the name of this video is a tad promiscuous, "TILA TEQUILA HOT", but it's still a real, honest to god, Howard Stern interview in it's entirety. With Tila Tequila. Except it's on PornHub. Plus, just saying "Tila Tequila Hot" is more of a personal opinion than a pornographic title. But that's just my opinion.


4. An Old-Timey Cartoon


Link Here


I honestly have NO IDEA what this is from. Or why It's on PornHub. Or who the hell took the time to put it up there. But it is. A spooky, mid-century cartoon. As I watch it, I keep getting the feeling that it's suddenly going to take a really dark, pervy turn.... Probably 'cause its on PornHub.


5. Two Dudes Teaching Us A Dance Called, "The Oprah Winfrey"


Link Here


Exactly what it sounds like. It's literally two dudes in a parking lot that show you how to do a dance they invented called "The Oprah Winfrey", accompanied by a short music video at the end... I'm starting to get the feeling that PornHub is slowly starting to turn into what YouTube used to be... And I LIKE it!


6. A Kinda Funny Clip From Family Guy


Link Here


Just a brief clip of some joke from a Family Guy episode. It took a lot of shuffling through actual Family Guy porn, so... Here it is... TOTALLY worth it. Right?..RIGHT?! Please tell me I didn't watch FIVE HOURS of Lois Griffin parody porn for nothing!


7. An SNL Commercial


Link Here


Probably the ONLY video you'll find on PornHub that will feature Seth Meyers, Will Forte, Chris Parnell, Fred Armisen, AND Rob Riggle. Trust me. I checked.


8. Some Dude's Skateboarding Reel


Link Here


Despite the fact that this SKATEBOARDING video is on a pornographic website, (As well as the fact that most of the clicks were purely accidental) this BRO managed to get over 5,000 views. It was probably a good call to categorize it under "Amateur" and "Party".