Every year, Pez comes out with new dispensers of celebrities and other notable figures to add to their collections. Here are some of the dispensers that never should have seen the light of day.


1. Michael Jackson Pez

"Hey kids, you want to try a little candy?"

Horrifying Pez Dispensers That Shouldn't Have Been Created

Source: Wordpress.com

2. Colonel Sanders Pez

Just because the FDA makes him grill chicken instead of deep fry it, doesn't mean we should limit the Colonel's causing childhood obesity.

Horrifying Pez Dispensers That Shouldn't Have Been Created

Source: PezHeadMonthly.com

3. NY Mets Pez

It's been almost 30 years since you've won a World Series.  Get your shit together and EARN a Pez dispenser!


Source: seventh-inning-stretch.com

4. Breaking Bad Pez

Blue Sky has never seemed more like candy to kids.


Source: People.com

5. Local Pedophiles Pez

Actually modeled after The Black Keys, the Pez company skipped just enough details in the face to make these two more likely to show up at your soccer practice than you will at their concerts.


Source: BlackKeysFanLounge.com

6. Realistic as fuck Handgun Pez

Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong with this...


Source: PezCandyDispenser.com

7. Uncle Sam Pez

The company lists the colors as "Flesh" and "Club Med", giving new meaning to the phrase, "Son, Grandpa comes from a different time."


Source: PezCandyDispenser.com 

8. Crucified Jesus Pez

This buzzkill of a Pez died for your sins...and of diabetes...but mostly for your sins.


Source: Tumblr.com 

9. E.T. Pez

I know it's kind of just how he looks, but could they have at least used more of his body so the Pez dispenser didn't make him look so much like, well, balls?


Source: PastorPez.blogspot.com

10. This Poor Kid

When you tilt his head back, shame comes out.


Source: CostumeCraze.com