Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Pam and Jim. We all love rooting for sitcom couples that somehow can't get together even though they're attractive white people with amazing chemistry. It gets boring after a while. These 7 couples are way more interesting and make a lot more sense.

1. The Office - Kelly and Toby

I know. I know what you're thinking.


But honestly, Toby and Kelly would be a great couple! Kelly's over-the-top personality was only exacerbated by Ryan's. The calm, almost lethargic Toby would completely balance her out. And her spirit and excitement would bring Toby out of his pathetic shell. They spent all that time in the annex together, separated only by a thin cubicle wall. They even coordinated halloween costumes one year!


Then Gabe ruined it. But that could have been the start of a beautiful relationship built on a shared love of glow-in-the-dark dancing.


2. Friends - Joey and Phoebe


MOVE OVER ROSS AND RACHEL, this is the real "will they/won't they" couple you should care about. Let's be honest, Ross and Rachel were terrible for each other. Yeah, maybe they were in love and they had a kid together or whatever but that doesn't always mean the relationship will work. Know who are actually perfect for each other? You guessed it, it's Phoebe and Joey. They've got so much in common already (they both joined the group as roommates) and a beautiful chemistry that would translate so well into a relationship. They're sweet weirdos that would bring out the best in each other, unlike Ross and Rachel who only bring out the screaming in each other.

3. How I Met Your Mother - Robin and Marshall


Pretty much the only two people to NOT hook up on this show, Robin and Marshall actually make the most sense as a couple. I mean, Ted and Robin is just dumb and if you liked the finale you're dumb too. But Robin and Barney weren't good either. Their shared stubbornness and intensity just burned them out, as we saw in that aforementioned garbage finale. Marshall's steadiness would be a good balance for her. He's nice without being a "Nice Guy" like Ted and ambitious without being ruthless like Barney. He and Robin would motivate each other to be better. Lily doesn't do that for Marshall. She loves him TOO much to push him where he needs to be. Real Talk: the person you fall in love with in college is hardly ever the person you should share your life with.

4. Community - Abed and Annie

It seems like the last season was gearing up Annie x Jeff but that's creepy and gross because he can't decide if he wants to fuck her or be her dad. Abed, though, wants neither. At least not YET. Their interactions are always super sweet and they'd be really good for each other. Annie keeps Abed responsible and on track and Abed reminds Annie that sometimes she needs to slow down and pretend to be a space princess. 


If the weird sexual tension with Jeff was out of the way, this relationship would definitely blossom into the most beautiful weirdo couple ever to be cancelled and put on the internet. 


5. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Charlie and Dee


IT HAPPENED. I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS. YOU IDIOTS DIDN'T BELIEVE ME. But it makes complete sense for Charlie and Dee to be together. And I mean, not just hooking up once, but a real long-term couple that do things actual couple things together other than cocaine. Even though they're the ones the gang shits on the most, Charlie and Dee are actually the best people on the show. Charlie is the only one that works hard and Dee is the only one with actual dreams. That's a fierce combo and they'd go far together if they just ditched the jerks they hang out with. They'd be the power couple of South Philly, no doubt about it. Plus, she looks enough like the waitress that he's probably reasonably attracted to her. And Dee has like no standards. 


6. 30 Rock - Lutz and Devin


This may be the weirdest on on here but hear me out. Devin was into Kenneth, so we know he likes baby-faced idiots. And throughout the series it was hinted that Lutz wasn't completely straight and in the finale he confirmed the he is, in fact, bisexual. (Also dumb, old, uncool, part-Inuit, and 51 years old but that's unrelated.) It would be totally in the Lutz spirit to come out of the closet strong and start dating Jack's rival just because he can. Lutz is a mess, but he's a staff writer for a network show, so obviously he's not entirely useless. And Devin is kinda a mess too, but in a different way that would keep things interesting. They're both crazy ambitious - Devin is just ambitious about important business things and Lutz is ambitious about lunch foods.