Recently, rapper Kanye West has been going on a bit of a tirade on Twitter. 

Some of his tweets have been strange: 


Some have been boastful: 


Some have been...actually, pretty funny: 


Though the tweets have been a lot of things, they all have one thing in common: Nobody really knows what they mean.

We here at the CollegeHumor office decided to change that, and after pouring through the enigmatic messages we noticed something about (a portion of) them that nobody else is talking about. Take a look at this: 


Did you see it? 

How about now? 

Kanye West Left a Hidden Message in His Last Twitter Rant

That's right. Hidden in the first letter of each tweet is a message. That message: I AM LORD VOLDEMORT

Whether Kanye is simply trolling us or if he's truly confessing to something remains to be seen. In either case, let's all remember that meaning can be found in even the most incoherent of ramblings.