Alright everybody, DRAGON DANCE!

In a post to Reddit's r/pokemon, Redditor bcassalino shared this delightfully no-context-necessary GIF of Dragonite and Charizard bustin somes moves together in a synchronized Dragon Dance.

via bcassalino

Why are they dancing? Who knows? I mean, maybe they are taunting us because they are elusive in Pokémon GO, or maybe they just DGAF because they know everyone thinks they are the coolest Pokémon. Whatever the reason, it's one of the greatest things to grace the Internet.

But the true greatness of all this dragon joy comes from the music that everyone is adding to it. from Similarly to what happened with the incredible Oscar Isaac dance sequence from Ex Machina, which Twitter took hold of and inserted whatever songs they desired over it, Dragonite and Charizard have been getting all sorts of different song requests. And with each one it becomes clearer and clearer, Dragonite and Charizard look good dancing to everything.

Charizard even breaks things down in a SEPARATE DANCE PARTY to Ke$ha's Tik Tok with brethren Charmander and Charmeleon. Who is making these? Where are they coming from? 

Keep em' coming everyone. We don't understand but who are we to fight a good thing. Just don't leave Dragonite out of the fun. 

via branran