Some quick points on the below video, for the sake of context:

  • Meet Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute and well-known in political circles as the creator of the "alt-right" and a self-described white supremacist
  • He's literally a straight-up Nazi.
  • No, for real, he's an actual, straight-up Nazi. Here's a video of him yelling "Hail Trump!" and calling for ethnic cleansing and knowingly calling out the "lugenpresse" (a Nazi-era German term meaning "lying press") and JESUS CHRIST THIS IS REAL:

Despite the overwhelming abundance of evidence that they not only hold similar beliefs to Nazis, but actually WANT to act like Nazis, many news organizations insist on avoiding the term entirely - likely due to the influence of Godwin's Law, the maxim that dictates that all online discussions will eventually devolve into one party calling the other party Nazis or Hitler eventually. Comparing a group of people to Nazis is generally thought of as cheap and intellectually-lazy.

But this isn't just any other online discussion - these people are doing the Nazi salute. They are literally questioning whether Jews count as people. They're not alt-right - these are ACTUAL NAZIS. And yet The New York Times, The LA Times, CNN and many more media outlets keep using the coded term "alt-right."

People are a littttttle upset by these turn of events...

To add a capper to this story, Richard Spencer apparently claims that the Nazi salutes were just some folks being ironic and exuberant (because, ya know, whenever anyone's feeling ironic, they like to do a Nazi salute):

And in case you were still a little unsure of all of this, keep in mind that Ann Coulter has come to the defense of actual Nazis: