Unless worn by Jon Hamm or Angelina Jolie, fedoras are seen as a warning sign that this is a Nice Guy™ who will complain about the Friend Zone while calling a woman a feminazi for expressing an opinion. But honestly a good hat can really pull an outfit together. A fedora is a great accessory, but only if you're wearing it for fashion reasons and not some weird internet code of conduct.

Can I still wear one?

Sure, if you're also wearing a nice suit and have recently showered.


Remember the guy from your high school who thought the highest form of comedy was punching his friends in the balls? The guy who insulted girls constantly and then wondered why he couldn't find a prom date? He was also reeking of Axe because only that asshole would believe that using a specific product will make you literally irresistible to hot ladies. You're thinking of pheromones. But just like most scented products, it's fine in moderation. Left to their own devices, male bodies smell gross and you need to cover that mess up.

Can I still use it?

As long as you use a normal amount, and don't tell anyone you're wearing a scent called Mountain Fire Tornado.


I know it's hard to feel sympathy for the asshole on the bus smoking something that looks like the finger of ET and Terminator's baby, but it's very possible that he's just trying to quit smoking. Tons of people have successfully used vape pens to wean themselves off of cigarettes. Many of them are also assholes about it, but hey, they're trying. 

Can I still use one?

Yeah, but don't talk about it like you invented it. And don't vape in restaurants.


Everyone groans when the guy wearing a puka shell necklace who smells like patchouli pulls out a guitar and starts singing like he's Jason Mraz. Obviously people like singing together or karaoke wouldn't be a thing, but this particular type of asshole can't read the room. He pressures people to either awkwardly sing along or watch this weirdo play by himself when they just want to sip some beers with friends.

Should I try it?
Did someone ask you to? Do you actually play guitar well? Are you sure? Really? Ok. No Dave Matthews Band or Wonderwall.


Superheroes and sci-fi have risen to the surface of mainstream culture (thanks in large part to attractive men named Chris.) It's been really great for comic book fans, action movie fans, and kids who need something to talk to their dads about. However, an unfortunate byproduct of that has been the fandom gatekeepers. These assholes haunt the seedier corners of comic book shops, conventions, and tumblr. They're constantly trying to make people prove themselves and calling out "fake geek girls" instead of being happy that they have more people to talk to about a thing they like.

Can I still call myself a nerd?

Not if it's just because you like Marvel movies. Everyone likes Marvel movies.

Things That Were Totally Ruined By D-bags

Before the 1940s this mustache was associated with Charlie Chaplin and was one of the most popular facial hair styles of the early 20th Century. It was the hipster beard of 1919. It's adorable and has a funny name, what's not to love? Then some asshole went and became the most despised human in the history of the world while sporting this particular dapper style and now it's called a Hitler mustache and everyone hates it. Today's hipsters have to show us they're cool with a handlebar mustache instead, which I'm sorry, is just not as cute.

Should I bring the toothbrush mustache back?

Are you Tom Hanks or Tom Hiddleston or someone similarly admired to the point that you can do literally anything and people will still love you? Definitely.