How many of these things have YOU fcked

Select all that apply!

Another Human

A Dildo

A Fleshlight

A Mattress

A Pie

Couch Cushions

A Blanket

A Tube Sock

The Family Dog


A Stuffed Animal

Something of Sentimental Value to Your Parents

A Jar of Vaseline

A Can of Pringles

A Hairbrush Handle

An Unidentifiable Object

Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll

A Chocolate Bar

A Blow-Up Doll

A Sex Toy That Cost More Than $75

Something You Wouldn't Want Your Significant Other to Know About

A Banana

A Plastic Bag Full of Lotion

Something You Microwaved First

An Electric Toothbrush

A Traffic Cone

A Cucumber


A Vacuum

A Hamster

Pages of a Sacred Text

A Shoe

A Jar of Peanut Butter

An Empty Shampoo Bottle

A Hot Pocket