Listen, we all have our kinks. But that doesn't mean your significant other is gonna be down or enjoy whatever weird shit you're into. These people may love their boyfriend/girlfriends, but these specific quarks in bed are doing them no favors.

1. Yes yes yes, McGUILLICUDDY!!!

When she screams her own last name

SteelshanksWalton /

2. That took a turn.

He whispers in my ear that he's going to get me pregnant and knock me up with his babies whenever he cums inside of me. As a guy it doesn't really do much for me.

zcdini /

3. Luckily you've got a thing for gorillas so it's all cool.

She is usually very girly with a soft voice, but when she is close to cumming she does this deep guttural noise that makes me think I'm fucking a gorilla.

zeoranger /

4. I'm picturing it accompanied with a finger curl and everything.

She literally says "come hither".

That is not hot. It's just weird. But I've got some things to work on so I'm going thither.

Hynjia /

5. Well that is just sad.

He laughs at me when I moan. It makes me paranoid and I end up stifling myself and it hinders my pleasure. :(

iBelongintheTrashhh / 

6. Maybe have a talk about the baby talk.

Definitely would have to be baby talk, it's just weird as hell in my opinion.

CrawfordCrawford /

7. Gotta get the cum out.

Ex once squeezed my balls after oral. Not a fun time

notaschlong /

8. Time for a round of ticklebutt.

I'm ticklish. Like kung foo Master ticklish. When my gf brushes the wrong spots man... She has no idea how close the summersaulting windmill punch came. 

Also get your hands off my butt woman, it fucking tickles.

Themarcusman14  /

9. She's having an affair with your penis.

When she speaks to my penis the way in which you'd say "who's a good boy?" to a dog. Usually she'll mention something about "him" being her true love, while I'm "completely useless". Sometimes she will ask to "have a talk with him".

This all usually precedes a blowjob though, so I can live with it.

falafel_consultant /

10. Does he yell different catchphrases each time?

Well, it only happened one time. But I'd told him I thought McCree from Overwatch is hot, and later on, he proceeded to yell "it's high noon" while pulling out and coming on my stomach. Not a fan of that one.

_dime_ /

11. Good idea. Keep us updated.

He will suddenly and randomly slam HARD into me, just once or twice. I think he mistakes my little gasp as pleasure, and in the moment speech is a near impossibility, but I tend to forget to say something by the time we're done.

.....gonna message him now.

jenamac /

12. Contain your jizz, guys.

My ex always bit my boobs. It started out being hot, but gradually it got too painful. After about a month or so it just felt numb. We had kind of a basic routine of what sexual stuff we did. 

One of the positive outcomes of this break-up (and there are very few - this whole thing has sucked) is that I no longer have giant hickeys on my boobs, and my nipples don't hurt all the time either.

Also his futon had tons of jizz stains, and it was gross. I did not like making out with him on a jizz-covered futon.

sailormoonfish /

13. Yeah this sounds frightening.

Sometimes she talks in her sleep and it's kind of cute. 

What isn't cute is being woken up by the death threats at 3am. She then continues snoring. 

Theres something very disturbing about sleep death threats

nathanb065 /

14. WHAT the.

He pulls the dry skin off his feet and puts it on his bedside table.

He calls it 'Foot Jerky'

banditkoala  /

15. The worst of them all.

Steals the sheets and blankets

slapplebags  /