About CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor Media, comprised of CollegeHumor.com, Jest.com, Dorkly.com, and several syndication partnerships, is a leading online entertainment company targeting a core audience of people ages 18-49. Founded by two high school friends, CollegeHumor Media delivers daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes, created and/or curated by the CollegeHumor staff. CollegeHumor Media attracts more than 15 million monthly uniques and generats more than 100 million video views per month (Nielsen/Net Ratings) with popular sketches such as "Jake and Amir," "Very Mary Kate" and "Troopers." CollegeHumor Media provides online advertisers across a variety of categories with an efficient vehicle for reaching multiple desirable demographics.


  • Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City, CollegeHumor Media features extremely popular original content in addition to the day’s funniest and most offbeat content on the web
  • The CollegeHumor brand extends offline with the three books The CollegeHumor Guide to College, Faking It: How to seem like a better person without actually improving yourself and CollegeHumor: The Website. The Book, a television program on MTV, a live comedy show and a movie currently in development
  • CollegeHumor.com has more than 15 million unique monthly users and over 100 million monthly page views (Nielsen/Net Ratings)
  • Weekly email newsletter reaches over 300,000 subscribers

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