The Graphic Truth

The Graphic Truth is where the CollegeHumor staff attempt to explain the world around them with images. Why images? Because words are tedious and boring and much less colorful. And we like colors.

Flowchart: Can You Unfriend This Person?
Should You Shut the F*ck Up?
The Longer St. Patrick's Day Goes On
Facebook Comment Flowchart
Canine Evolution Chart
Finals Week Breakdown
Flowchart: What Did You Do Last Night?
Flowchart: Do You Have to Wake Up Yet?
Fighting Flowchart: Who Could You Beat Up?
Muppet Name Etymology: a Venn Diagram
Your Brain, During Five Different Activities
Who's a Good Boy?
Venn Candygram
Flowchart: What Late Night Snack Should You Have?
Should You Show This Stupid Youtube Video To Your Friend?
Should You Join a Fraternity?

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