The Graphic Truth

The Graphic Truth is where the CollegeHumor staff attempt to explain the world around them with images. Why images? Because words are tedious and boring and much less colorful. And we like colors.

Flowchart: Do You Guys Want to See a Dessert Menu?
Flowchart: Should You Make a Move?
Christmas Music Cycle
The Longer You're Watching Fireworks
Infographic: the Smell/Taste Matrix
The Longer You're In A Relationship
Flowchart: How Should You Treat Your Medical Emergency (If You're on a TV Show)
The Longer 4/20 Goes On
Venn Diagram: HBO Programming Breakdown
What New Fall TV Show Are You Watching?
The Closer You Get to Graduation
Flowchart: Are You Going to Have a Good Year?
The More You Drank During 4th of July
What Kind Of Basketball Are You Watching?

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