Essays from CH Editor, Streeter Seidell, about whatever happens to be on his mind. From cats on the Internet to fashion deja vu, TLDNR is not afraid to weigh in on any topic and, no matter what the subject, it will certainly be too long to read.

Clean Comedy in a World of Gross-Out Humor and Subtle Sex Jokes
What The Guy Who Always Puts Tomato On My Sandwich Must Be Thinking
8 Highdeas You Have To Read NOW
Every Fancy Restaurant Ever
Goddamn Cold and Flu Season
TLDNR / What if the Apocalypse Really Does Come on 12/21/12
TLDNR / A New Drinking Game: Bartender
TLDNR: 3 More Inventions to Change the World
TLDNR: Saying "Hi" to Tyler
TLDNR: Surrender, Animals!
TLDNR: 3 Incredible Inventions to Change the World
TLDNR: It's Time To Evolve
Legalize It!

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