In "Twidiots", we collect the choicest thoughts on a particular topic from Twitter's millions of users.

These People Think Nelson Mandela Was Morgan Freeman
These People Lost Their Minds When Brian from Family Guy Died
These People All Made the Same Terrible, Unfunny Joke about Paul Walker's Death
These People Think Ariel Castro Was Fidel Castro
These People Think Miley Cyrus is Better than the Beatles (and Everyone Else)
These People Don't Know What Hitler's Last Name Was
Beliebers Haven't Heard of Anne Frank
Wait, New Mexico Is a State?!
These People Think the Government Shutdown Means Weed Is Legal Now
These White Girls, Like, Totally Wish They Were Black
These Girls Think They're Such Nerds For Wearing Glasses
These Beliebers Think That a Lot About Justin Bieber Should Be Illegal
I'm Not Homophobic, But...
These People Have Never Heard of Blockbuster
"Is It Just Me or Do I Look Asian?" No, You Do Not.
These People Are Pissed at Their Cleaning Ladies

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